Thursday, September 1, 2011

Public Speaking Tips! Don't Memorize but Understand. .

Assalamualaikum and Happy Eid to all. I haven't update my blog since past few days. I have a great Eid till' I forgot about updating my blog. Having too much fun with my cousins at my grandma's house. Plus I've already downloaded Angry Birds in my ACER laptop. Looking forward to downloading Angry Birds Rio. Enough with our little conversations, let us go through my topic for today which is Don't Memorize but Understand. Might sounded weird but that is something to consider and lots of people forget about it.
From what I noticed, most people push themselves to memorize their text. Now that's not the right way. Well it is right but, we want it to be natural and fluent. The right way in delivering your text fluently is by understanding your text and know what are you talking about. You don't to talk rubbish in the crowds.
This is considered to be a better way in delivering your speech as you are memorizing, you will tend to follow your text 100% which you will easily stuttered in front of the crowds when you are trying to follow what you have memorized. I've been in this situation. When I push myself to memorize it, it made me stuttered when I was speaking in front plus it makes me speechless and don't know what to add to my speech. If you don't want that situation happens to you, better learn from others' mistakes.
Another tip that you can use during delivering your public speaking is by making a small note that fits on your palm so that you could refer to it while delivering your speech. This also helps you to memorize it as it is your main point, right?
I think that's all for this post. Maybe I'll post something more in the next post. Till' we meet again! Bye!

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