Sunday, November 6, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hi once again, it's been a long time I didn't updated my blog haven't it? Anyway, I brought a good news and not to forget, the bad one? Which one would like to hear first? Well of course you would like to hear the good one first. The good news is that holidays are just around the corner! This mean that I have a lot of time to update my blog. Yahoo! But, the bad news is that Final Examination are also around the corner! Oh no!I could only hope that answer the paper calmly. I hope so:( 
Nice answer.
Talking about examinations, in October we had our Standardized Examination 2 for this semester. And you know what? I got my first 5As for it. Usually I would just get 2 or an A at least. It is also a relief that I got my first A for History subject. Pheeww.. It is a hard work that pays. Only that, I'm still thinking if I could score with flying colors for this upcoming Final Examinations. You know something? Sitting for Final Examination is way more scarier than watching a Thailand horror movie:sWell, you must be thinking of my preparation for this examinations right. I'm not quite ready actually. But I'm trying my best in studies especially Science on the Chapter 10 for Form 3, Space Explorations. Not just that, I'm trying to improve my Mathematics especially on Paper 2 which we were not allowed to use calculator. I'm not that good without calculator you see? But, as dumb in Mathematics as I am not as dumb as the person who makes the answer like in the shown picture below.Somehow I think, do the monks (etc.) takes examination before they become what they've became. this picture that I just found at Google answers my question without a doubt. Funny isn't it?
Monks taking exam seriously.
Huuaa... Now I'm feeling quite tired. My eyes are slowly going down and the pillows are calling me to bed. Better be off. Bye and I love you guys. XOXO

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