Saturday, August 6, 2011

Great Opening Tips for Public Speaking

Assalamualaikum, hi and annyeonghaeyo I greet again. This will be the 2nd post regarding public speaking. So, in this post I want to talk on a few tips for a good opening for public speaking. Again, public speaking is about sharing opinions. When it comes to sharing your ideas, you need to understand your subject as much as you can so that your message could be delivered to others fluently so that they could understand. Even so, it won't go if you don't have a good sentences to go with your speech.
The first thing to consider is the opening for your speech. An opening of speech means the introduction of your speech. In an opening, you must address your audience(e.g. "A very excellent of morning I grant to all the honourable adjudicators, faithful timekeepers who is there with his seconds and moments, teachers who teach with great efforts and sincerity, and last but not the least my beloved audience"). The example I just gave are the opening that is usually used in a competition. Meanwhile, your opening may change due to your purpose of speech.(e.g "A very excellent of evening I grant to the Principal of MRSM Betong, Vice Principal of Students Affair, Vice Principal of Academic Affairs, Vice Principal of Co Curriculum Affairs, teachers who teach with great efforts and sincerity and my beloved friends.")
You could also make a short poem or riddle for your opening to make it more attractive.(e.g "As speech I have, I must foretell, To make it good, I must do well, Nothing ventures, Nothing gained, So sit down, And I'll explain"). But make sure you riddle have something to do with delivering the speech.
I hope this little tips help you a little bit in public speaking. With that, bye!

Meaning of the Song 'Mean' by Taylor Swift

Artwork the single 'Mean'
Assalamualaikum and very good morning I greet to all of you. Not to forget, annyeonghaseyo~! So, I bet most of us has ever watched and heard of the song 'Mean' by Taylor Swift. Am I right? So basically, this song is about defending your right from being bullied(well that's my opinion). According to Swift herself,  she wrote the song to get back at her critics who constantly question her songs as well as her ability to sing. For me, this song is motivational yet insulting the bullies or a group person who jeered and ignored others for others flaw, disabilities, weakness and so on.There's a part in the music video where a boy, who was reading a fashion magazine in the locker room. In the mean time, a group of footballers ran in to him and you know what that means, JEERING session. Even so, the boy then become a famous fashion designer later on. If you notice a girl in a fast-food uniform. She was made fun by her peers. She saves up the money she get from her work and further her study in a college and finally became an executive. Lastly, there was this girl who were being deserted by a group of popular clique. She was forced to eat in the bathroom. Pity.
From what I could conclude from the video and the song is, never ever bully someone for what they are, their weakness, disabilities and so on. Because we don't even know their future and neither do us. So, have a happy day and if there's someone's birthday today, I wish you guys a Happy Birthday, Saran Haelwa Ya Jammil(Arabic)~!

Friday, August 5, 2011

What is Public Speaking?

First of all, assalamualaikum, annyeonghaseyo and hi I greet to all my followers out there. So as you can read, the title says. " What is Public Speaking". BINGO! You're right when you say I'm going to discuss with all of you on public speaking. But first, we all need to know what is public speaking. I wrote this down as a tip for others out there who doesn't know what public speaking is.