Saturday, June 4, 2011


Aarrrrghhh!!!!!! Figured out why my post entitled 'FED UP'? Well it all started at 8:40 or something like that. It was at the Seven On Seven restaurant. Okay, me, my mum, my sister(my sister that I informed in previous post) and my other two brothers were going to have a nice meal. We're so freaking hungry at that time. No wonder, we spend our time hanging out at JomHeboh. My father were meeting his friend so we go and have our dinner course. Okay, back with the story. We ordered A WHOLE ROASTED CHICKEN(my brothers), 3 PLATE OF RICE(also my brothers, one of them eats two plates), SATAY(me, my sister and my mum), PLUM JUICE(my sister) and what so over. Okay, straight to the point. I ordered a Mushroom Fried Rice and it took me a long wait. It cause me waiting all day long. I wait, wait, wait and wait patiently. But what do I get? NOTHING! Then my mum suggested that we should go cause it would waste our time waiting for it. So we got into the car and my mum came in later(she just bought a take away whole roasted chicken at that time). So that's my story for tonight as I was still mad about the incident. You know what? I'm still hungry right now. I could a rattle snake sound from my tummy. Yea, I think that's all for tonight's post. Until the next time! Bye!

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Sister

"I'm eating iGlool in Rainbow"

 So as title says 'My Sister' well of course I'm talking about my sister. Well I'm not going to tell you about my oldest sister as I don't have pictures of her. But I'm going to talk about my second oldest sister. Her name is Effa Zuraidah. Well as you can see here, this my sister I've been talking about. She's a happy go lucky kind of person. She was born 18th of March. She's 20 now(You can calculate her age yourself). She's now studying in UniTAR in Kuching Sarawak. She's taking BEd which indicates Bachelor Of Education. 

"Arrgghh!! I'm falling!"
"Oh Magic Camera, tell me.
Which one of us is the cutest?

 She loves to pose in many style in front which I'd like to call 'Camera Queen'. She likes to sing. Believe me, if you're passing the bathroom while she's having a bath, you'd be hearing her singing loudly. Okay, not that loud. Pardon me. I'll show more pictures of her. She's a caring sister plus she can cook well. I think that might be one of her hobby, I think. Her cooking is delicious to be true. There's not much I know about her really because I live with my adopted family and she is my biological family. Well I guess that's all for today folks. Annyeong! Goodbye! Adios! 

"I choose Rainbow!"
"Oooppss.. I did it again."

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    My Friend's Birthday! Flour+Glitter+Water=Party!

    This is what happened during my friend's birthday. His name is Gabriel Gibson, one of my best friend. Actually, his birthday is on 22 of April but on that day, it was a public holiday(Good Friday) So, we celebrate it later. On Sunday that night, he goes to prep earlier as all the non-muslim goes to prep earlier. So, me and my muslim friends play a trick on him. We put toothpaste, shoe polish, bath gel on his study table. Later on, on our way back to hostel after prep, we throw glitter mixed with flour onto him! Not to forget the H2O of course. He looks sparkly that night! Hahaha!!!! Anyway, I wish him all the best in his life. That's all for now. Bye!