Saturday, March 12, 2011


After a few months,finally we're free to go..When I say 'WE' I mean all MJSC Betong's students..Free for what?Free for HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!Eventhough the holiday only last for a week,it's still worth a a week off....But not completely off.I mean,there's a lot of homework...BTW,I've watched Lady Gaga's new music video and it was fantastic!!!Super,duper fantastic....This is a picture from the music video(on the right.)Very unique...Okay,enough with the chit-chat about song..I've run out of ideas of writing my novel..I'll tell you about the novel in my next post.But for now,I'll post the prologue..Here's how the prologue goes....
                       Once,in the 3000 B.C,there were a place.A place so wonderful beyond human’s eyes.So wonderful you couldn’t get your eyes away from watching it until you forget to blink.
                  Certainly,because the flower bloomed wonderfully as if you were seeing spring season.The citizen are very nice like you’ve never seen before.All the women here was so beautiful as beautiful as angels.The men here was very tough and charming which was very synonym to every women dreams.A place which you’ve always dreamed of.A place of no harm..You can hear the birds singing happily without having a fear of anything including their own nemesis, the cat.
                  Although the place beautiful and wonderful, this place was never known to the human being. This enchanted place was known as Renaissance.
                  It was ruled by King Vasco ad Ale Piero.It was also as the most successful kingdom of all time.There,magic was everything.Despite all that,no magic was greater than The Guardians’s magic.
                  The Guardians which are known to keep the keys between the Rennaisence and the human’s world’s gate.Not just that,The Guardians’s duty was also to protect the Rennaisence citizen and the human being from harm.
                 But then,one day,a dark force came to destroy everything.The dark force was called the Madou which represents darkness and pure evil.Not to mention the leader of the Madous’ tis’, who are known as Lord Ale Gaiester.He was a powerful wizard .That time,it was very disasterous.Everything was completely destroyed and ruined.
                 All the village which belongs to citizen has no where to be found existed.All the King Vasco da Ale Piero’s soldiers left had tried to fought but no use.They can’t get even get close to Lord Ale Gaiester’s soldiers.Lord Ale Gaiester was also invincible as he was helped by two descendance of darkness.Tis’ who’s immortal,so bad and evil.Also known as Vampire Queen.She was the Youvern Spy,Vancurieya.Another one is the one who’s born in the dark,raise in the dark,there’s not even a little mercy in him,not even a light to lighten up his heart.Tis’ who’s known as the Dark Madou Knight Wizard,Ale Wol Zardo.He was powerful that he can kill a thousand of men in a split of a second.Despite the company,The Guardians manage to save the day.They fought as long they’re still alive.
                 After defeating Lord Ale Gaiester and his soldiers,The Guardians seal Lord Ale Gaiester and his soldiers in a gate known as Internal Gate for internity.After all the mischevious act,The Guardians disappear and was no where to be found.Only thing left was just a memory of how they sacrifices their lifes saving the Rennaisence’s citizen.Eventhough there are no more threat,which left are peace but they still didn’t believe that the seal didn’t last long.
                 And this is about a tale,where magic and reincarnation collides.A tale that is waiting to be tell,a quest yet to be discovered.Mysteries to be solved.About five young warriors from the human world who are destinied to fight yet to protect the Rennaisence and world peace.But,they’re about to discovered their true destiny.Not yet.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


O,M,G!!!!!!!I got a new haircut and obviously,a hideous one....Not to mention,I dislike the new haircut....&*&(&*())%$........And now,I have to hide my bald head from others...Pretty embarassing!!I bet everyone have a bad haircut....And must be pretty bad(not to mention,EMBARASSING)And the picture is how I look right now....And it looks llike Eminem's hairstyle...