Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Tips To Confidently Speaks In English

Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo again guys! So, today I'm about to bring up something that almost everyone isn't confident about it. Yes, SPEAKING IN ENGLISH. So that's my topic today. The reason I choose this topic is that I always observe others English and they can speak in English but there's one thing that they don't have while speaking in English, CONFIDENCE. Yes, confidence. Why do I say that confidence is needed when you want to talk in English. Well, its a need because the words that came out of your mouth is something that you know the meaning. I mean, you wouldn't want to say something that you don't know the meaning. Am I right? So, when you know what you're saying, this mean that you're confident to say it out loud. When you don't have any confidence in talking in English, means that you're not confident with yourself. Never care of what others say about your English, that is why there's a saying, 'It's worth trying'. Another tip is LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. Don't take people negatively when they say, "your English sucks" or "what English crap are you trying to spill here" and etc. Take it positively. Just take the words as a motivation for you to keep improving your English. So, I think that some of you might think that learning English is such a lousy stuff to do but in fact, NOT! When you say that learning English is such a lousy stuff to do, meaning that you don't think of your future needs. Nowadays, most work requires applicant to be good in English communication skill. Plus, any international meeting would also requires English communication skills. So, I hope the tips that I gave helped. Tell me, if you have any problem in English and Insya-Allah I'll try to answer it as much as I could. And you could also ask about love problems. So, I guess that's it for this post. Hope to see you guy again in the next post. Bye!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo! And again today, I'm posting a new post after a few while not posting anything here in my blog. Well, I have something to share today. And I guess you're ready to here it from me. As we all know, it's K-POP WAVE ERA! Tons of beautiful, stunning and hot celebrities are out to entertain. But, one interesting fact is that they influenced our SEX ORIENTATION! I mean if you're a straight guy, you could turn neither GAY or BISEXUAL because you liked some HOT BOY BAND  such as SHINee, SuJu, BEAST, Boyfriend and lots more.The reason I said neither you might turn gay or bi because you could just maybe admiring only boy bands without admiring any girl band or maybe you admire both. And these stuff could also happen to girls but its rare.
It happened to me too you know. I happened to turn from STRAIGHT TO BISEXUAL because of K-Pop. I happened to admire SHINee's Minho and JongHyun, BEAST's YoSeob, SuJu's Donghae and KyuHyun and Big Bang's Seungri. I also happened to admire lots of HOT GIRL BAND such as SNSD, 2NE1, Kara, 4MINUTE and T-Ara. For girls I admire SNSD's Sunny, YoonA and Jessica, 2NE1's Park Bom and Sandara, Kara's Gyuri, Hara and SeungYeon, T-Ara's JiYeon, Hyomin and EunJeung, 4MINUTE's Gayoon and HyunA, ChoColat's Tia and f(x)'s Sulli. Even so, I kept a lot of Minho's(SHINee) photos in my laptop.Hope you don't mind about the fact that I gave just now because it's true. So, when you find me on Facebook commenting on Minho's picture saying 'you're cute!' or 'saranghae oppa!'. Don't mind that. That's what happened when you're a bi. To end this post, I'll just put some pictures of my favourite ones! Check it out and bye!
SHINee's JongHyun

SNSD's Jessica

SNSD's YoonA
SNSD's Sunny

BEAST's YoSeob

T-Ara's Hyomin


Super Junior's DongHae

T-Ara's EunJeung

Kara's Gyuri

Kara's Hara

T-Ara's JiYeon

Super Junior's KyuHyun

2NE1's Park Bom

SHINee's Minho

2NE1's Sandara

Big Bang's SeungRi

Kara's SeungYeon

f(x)' Sulli

ChoColat's Tia

4MINUTE's GaYoon