Friday, August 5, 2011

What is Public Speaking?

First of all, assalamualaikum, annyeonghaseyo and hi I greet to all my followers out there. So as you can read, the title says. " What is Public Speaking". BINGO! You're right when you say I'm going to discuss with all of you on public speaking. But first, we all need to know what is public speaking. I wrote this down as a tip for others out there who doesn't know what public speaking is.Public speaking is an ability to speak in front of others regarding your opinions on a subject. Public speaking also have the same meaning as speech which is to share your opinion or to encourage others on a better living and so on. Therefore public speaking was not meant to offend others. Please do note that it's not a way to speak of something offensive regarding others especially about race, religion and other offensive subjects. In Malaysia, we have MARA Junior Science College. There is a time where they held the Language Week either in Zone Level nor National Level. So there's 3 category for Public Speaking Competition here which is:
  • Lower Form(Boys)
  • Lower Form(Girls)
  • Upper Form(Open) 
So, I think it's an introduction already. Keep on waiting for the new post on public speaking. This tips might help you some other times. So that's all for today. Bye! Love you guys!
p.s: If you guys have anything to add in the information above, you could just leave a comment for me to check later.

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