Monday, November 26, 2012

Gift For PMR Result.

'So special holiday~ My holiday~'.. Oh, I was busy singing to my one of favorite song.. You know it, it's 'Holiday' which was performed by SiSTAR my favorite idol. Wonder I brought that song? Yes! It's holiday. But this holiday is way better than previous years. What I meant is, in past years holiday I've got tons of homework to be done by the end of holiday. But this year it's different. I don't have any homework left by teachers to be done. Yay for me. But I have something to wait. I've to wait for the Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah(PMR) result.. Can't wait to see the result of my hardwork throughout this year. Hoho... Apart from that, I also had something in mind when it comes to my PMR result. My father promised me if I got an impressive result, then he would buy me new cellphone. When I come to think about it, I was wondering what phone to buy? I've got a few in mind when it comes to phones.. SO, HERE ARE THE NOMINEES.... 


Samsung Galaxy SIII
Why do I choose this smartphone in my nominees? Well, I would really love to have a smartphone in my possession. Plus, this smartphone is operated by Android system(well duh, every smartphone does). I'm not quite sure actually. But, I do know that this phone is really popular back at its own country, South Korea. For instance, all the cast for 'To The Beautiful You' cast were using this phone in the drama series. Not to mention Samsung Galaxy Note II. Most of all, I like the quality of the camera. It is seriously good. Plus, I could upload a photo of mine on Instagram whenever I can. Also, I can tweet and update my Facebook all day long. Haha. Plus this phone is light on its own and is easy to carry around.

Sony Xperia S
Okay, I'm not going to right anything about this much. I mean, I've tried this phone(which is my aunt's phone) and I felt like I wanted to have it. But my friend told me that any phone related to Sony Ericsson won't last long enough. I'm not sure. But something for sure is this phone is a bit heavier than SGSIII. That is something to be sure of. Not to mention, it is also operated by Android system. I also liked the camera of this phone. It's really clear. I don't  what to talk about this phone . I mean like, it's a must have! Haha.

Well, no matter which phone will it be but it is still a present I can choose. Hehe. Wish me good luck to have one of these. Happy holiday! Chow~

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