Saturday, February 5, 2011

Getting Serious & Knowing Me....A Bit..I Think.....

So,now I'm getting serious in writing and managing my blog.So firstly,I want to tell you guys some of my background.Ok,I'm an adopt child to Abdul Malik's family.I have 6 biological siblings(including me,of course).And my adopt mother passed away when I was 11.Then my adopt father remarried when I was 12.And now I have 6 adopt siblings(including me,my adopt sister and 3 step adopt brother and newborn adopt step sister).Sounds complicated huh?But that is the truth.My biological mother is Bidayuh.So praticcally,she was once a Christian then converts to Islam to marry my father.So,it means I'm a Melayuh/Bidayu(Melayu+Bidayuh).I love K-Pop.Not very much.I love SNSD, 2NE1, SHINee and Super Junior.I have some confession.But,I think it's not the right time to tell you guys.Oh!Before I forgot,my real name is Mohd Syafiq Abd Malik.In case you don't know.

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